Abena Korkor Biography: Latest Video, Tribe, Age, Instagram, Twitter, Real Name

Abena Korkor Biography

Abena Korkor Biography – Abena Korkor, born Nana Abena Korkor Addo on January 30, 1990, is a prominent figure in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. She has captivated audiences with her charm and charisma, making a mark as a television personality and socialite.

Abena Korkor Biography

Abena Korkor Biography

Abena Korkor Education

Based on the available information, Abena Korkor attended St. Paul Methodist Preparatory and Aburi Girls’ Senior High School in Ghana.

Following her high school education, Abena Korkor journeyed to the United States of America before returning to enroll at the University of Ghana in 2008.

In 2010, Abena Korkor dropped out of university after being arrested and serving a two-year jail term in the United States for drug trafficking.

Upon returning to Ghana, she was admitted to the University of Cape Coast, where she pursued a degree in Biomedical and Forensic Science.

Subsequently, Abena Korkor became a teacher at UCC during a tumultuous period marked by her well-known struggle with bipolar disorder.

Abena Korkor Tribe

While details about her tribe remain undisclosed, it’s known that Abena Korkor is proudly Ghanaian, representing the vibrant culture of her homeland.

Abena Korkor Boyfriend

Currently, there needs to be more information regarding Abena Korkor’s boyfriend. Over the years, she has been linked with various men, but details about her romantic partners remain undisclosed. There is yet to be any available information regarding Abena Korkor’s current dating status.

Abena Korkor Videos On Instagram

To catch glimpses of Abena Korkor’s life and endeavors, follow her on Instagram @abenakorkorgh. Her account is a treasure trove of captivating videos and updates.

Abena Korkor Parents – Family Background

Abena Korkor has faced personal challenges, including the loss of her father. However, her mother remains a pillar of strength in her life. Her father hailed from the United Kingdom, while her mother is of Ghanaian descent.

Abena Korkor Twitter Presence

Please stay connected with Abena Korkor on Twitter by following her handle @abenakorkor. Engage with her latest thoughts and updates directly on the platform.

Real Name Of Abena Korkor

Beyond her public persona, Abena Korkor’s real name is Nana Abena Korkor Addo, reflecting her Ghanaian heritage.

Abena Korkor Age

Abena Korkor is 34 and has a career that continues to evolve and inspire.


Q: What is Abena Korkor’s full name?

A: Abena Korkor’s full name is Nana Abena Korkor Addo.

Q: How old is Abena Korkor?

A: Abena Korkor is currently 34 years old.

Q: Where can I find Abena Korkor’s videos on Instagram?

A: You can watch Abena Korkor’s videos on Instagram by following her @abenakorkorgh.

Q: What is Abena Korkor’s Twitter handle?

A: Abena Korkor’s Twitter handle is @abenakorkor.


Abena Korkor is a prominent figure in Ghanaian media, captivating audiences with her presence and personality. Despite facing personal challenges, she continues to shine, inspiring many with her resilience and determination. Follow her journey on social media for the latest updates and insights into her life and career.

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